How to change the owner account on Halo App

You can change the owner account on the Halo App without resetting the entire Halo network. To begin, please upgrade the Halo App and your Halo Firmware to the latest version.


This feature will only unbind the specifically selected network. The other networks under your Mercusys ID will not be unbound.

1. Log in to the Mercusys App, and choose the network you want to change the owner. Then please click the Internet icon.



2. Click on the icon at the right top corner, then tap Change Network Owner.


3. Input the password for the current owner account and tap Next.

Note: It’s the password that you use to log in to the Mercusys App with the current owner’s account.


4. Enter the new Owner’s Mercusys ID or email, then tap Confirm->tap Send. The Mercusys App will send a verification email to the new owner’s email.


Then you will see a notice on the Mercusys App that “This Mercusys network has been deleted”, which means the Deco is not bound to the old owner account. If you press OK, you will see the “Let’s Begin” page, and please tap LOG OUT to log out of the current account.


6. The new owner will receive an email sent from Mercusys <>, which listed the detailed steps to bind the Halo network to the new owner's account. Just follow the steps, and finally, you will be able to log in and manage the Halo system with your new owner account.